The above copy of the original rendition of the East Nashville High School Alma Mater was donated to the Alumni House by Sylvia Rhea Ballard, Class of 1958.

As Chairperson of the Decade of the 30's, I began sometime in June trying to locate Class Representatives for 1934 through 1939. As I thumbed through the dues cards I noticed there were 3 local names for 1934, the very first graduating class at East. I called the number for Stella Hite Maples. I spoke with her daughter, Betty, since Stella is no longer able to communicate. She told me this interesting information.

Her mother, Stella, actually graduated from Central High School in 1932, but she had majored in Academics. She had planned to go to college but the family couldn't afford it. In the fall of 1932 she enrolled at East High School to take a commercial curriculum that would prepare her for the "working world." During the 1933-34 school year she became friends with Herman Rowan. Herman had written a song about East but didn't know how to record it on staff paper. Stella volunteered to transcribe it for him and therefore he placed her name on the copy. You'll note that the song which we now sing as "Ye Loyal Sons" was originally "The Loyal Sons of East High."

The Alumni House Committee plans to have this copy professionally framed so as to preserve it for years to come.  

Beverly Kile Shaw
The Loyal Sons of East High
(original lyrics)

You loyal sons of old East High

You'll pledge your all to do or die,

You'll fight in honor of your dear old school;

You'll play clean games by every rule,

You Eagles, with your wings outspread,

You'll fly to victory for the Gray and Red.

Never let your spirit die;

Always fight for old East High

And we'll be proud of you!
Donated to the East High Alumni Association
by Sylvia Rhea Ballard, Class of 1958
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