east nashville high veterans 1960-69
Jim Bass  60 Air Force 1961-1981 Vietnam 1 Technical Sergeant
Jordan Beasley  60 Air Force 1963-2002 Gulf War 1 I served in the Air force as a crew member on C-130 aircraft. I served in Asia, Europe, and South and Latin America. I retired as a Chief Master Sergeant. I served 16 years active duty and 34 years in the Tennessee Air national guard with a total of 40 years total military service. I was involved with Army Rangers and Navy Seal teams in South America drug missions. I flew supply missions into El Salvador during their war with Nicaragua while based in the Republic of Panama. I flew airdrop and supply missions in Kosovo during that conflict and serviced in both Gulf wars.
Fred Bracey  60 Marines     1 Served 26 years.
Danny Gibson  60 Navy     D  
Mac  Grisham  60 Army Reserves 1965-1971   1 Medic in Field Hospital Unit
Albert E. Hall, Jr.  60 Army     D Served in Japan and Germany
Derrell Horner  60 Air Force     1  
James Howard Hughes    60 Army     1  
Roger Alyn Johnson  60 Army     D He spent 8 years proudly serving his country in the Army and then went on to serve in the Air National Guard as a Loadmaster on the C-130 Hercules
Gary Carlos Rainey  60 Army     D Served in Japan and Germany
Don Woodmore  60 Marine     1  
Victor Bellos  61 Army     1 Served his tour in Germany.  Received several distinguished service awards.
John Miles  61 Air Force/Air National Guard 1965-1971   1 Sargeant. He was in the Air Force/National Guard for 6 years.
Harold Norris  61 Navy     1  
Larry Rawls  61 Marines 1961-1967   1 Served in Vietnam at DaNang in 1964. Station at Quantico, VA - Camp Lejune, NC - Mediterranean cruise/USS Mountrail-APA213
Mack Rhea  61 Army 1965-1967   D 1 Lieutenant, Army Signal Corps, Stationed in Panama
Eugene Ross  61 Army   Vietnam D  
Walter Carney  62 Navy     1  
Phillip Davenport  62 Navy     D Master Chief
Ernest Demoss  62 Army   Vietnam D  
Mickey Franklin  62 Army   Vietnam 1 Captain, Helicopter Pilot, 192nd Assault Helicopter Company, Vietnam March 1969-March 1970
Jerry Frensley  62 Air Force 1967-1989   1 Air National Guard
Bill M. Hester, Jr.  62 Army Reserves 1966-1972   1  
Joe Lawson  62 Navy 1963-1965   1 Retired from Tennessee Air National Guard after 20 years
William McPherson  62 Army 1967-1970 Vietnam 1 116th Assualt. Helicopter company platoon leader.   Commendation Medal with V for valor, AIr medal with 25 oak leaf clusters, Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross with 2 oak leaf clusters.  Was a Captain when I left the service
Robert Morrison  62 Naval Reserve 1967-1971 Vietnam 1 Retired. Captain
Bobby Scott  62 Marines 1966-1968 Vietnam D In Vietnam 13 months
Robert Thomas Stinnett  62 Army     D 2nd Lieutenant, served in Naples, Italy
Ronald D. Stone  62 Army 1968-1970 Vietnam 1  
George Strovinkas  62 Army 1967-1972   1 310th Civil Affairs Unit
David Vaughn  62 Army 1964-1970 Vietnam 1 Sgt. E-5 500 MI Gp Tokyo, 116 MI Gp Washington, DC
Vernon Leroy Davis  63 Air Force 1968-1979   1 SSGT - Titan II Ballistic/Missile Analysis Tech/Precision Metrology Electronics Lab Tech. He received two ribbons of the Air Force Presidential Unit Citation award, two ribbons of the USAF Outstanding Unit award, a metal and a ribbon of the USAF Combat Readiness award, three metals and three ribbons of the USAF Good Conduct award, a ribbon of the USAF Small Arms Expert award, two ribbons of the USAF Longevity Service award, a ribbon of the USAF NCO PME Graduate award and a metal and a ribbon of the National Defense Service award
Tommy Gentray  63 Navy     D  
Rellon Heady  63 Air Force   Vietnam D TSgt.
Jimmy Knight  63 Marine Corp   Vietnam 1 Purple Heart
Jerry Lane  63 Army National Guard     D  
Pete Mason  63 Army National Guard 1965-1971   1  
Dan Olphie  63 Navy 1963-1982 Vietnam 1  
William  "Bill" Satterfield  63 Army   Vietnam D  
Emmett Carlton Sawyer  63 Army     D  
Roy Russell Seagraves  63 Navy   Vietnam D  
Larry Joe Stovall  63 Army   Vietnam 1  
Lloyd Arnold  64 Army   Vietnam 1 Retired from Army after serving 28 years, receiving 47 awards and decorations includling 3 Purple Hearts for service in Vietnam and Desert Storm.
Kenneth Beauchamp  64 Navy 1969-1972   1 Second Class Petty Officer (E5)
David Crouch  64 Air Force 1964-1984   1 Captain- I served in Southeast Asia and Berlin, Germany. I was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal, with 2 oak leaf clusters; an Air Force Commendation Medal, with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters, plus some others. When I retired in 1984 as a Captain, after 20 years in electronics, I had earned a BS in Industrial Management from Purdue University; and a Masters in Management from Websters University.
Tommy Dews  64 Air Force 1969-1971   1 Sergeant E4. Kadena FB, Okinawa, Japan
Joel Dunaway  64 Air Force 1964-1968 Vietnam 1 Medals: National defense, Vietnam service, good conduct, and small arms expert
Harold Eck  64       1  
Billy Ferrell  64 Navy     D  
Ron Fisher  64 Navy 1966-1989   D Navy/Naval Reserve, Retired after 23 years. Chief Petty Officer
Tom Guthrie  64 Navy 1966-1968   1 ADJ. Jets in South Pacific
Rick Kellogg  64 Army 1968-1970   1 Medic
Donna Lovell  64 Air Force 1973-2002   1 Retired Lieutenant Colonol NC
Jerry Gray Marable  64 Army 1966-1969 Vietnam 1 Sgt. E5
Charles Gerald Mize  64 Mize     D Spec 4
Herbert Roberts  64 Air Force 1969-1973   1 39 months in Turkey. I served in Security Service, which is now called Air Force Intelligence. I spent 39 months in Turkey at Karamursel Air Station.
Ronnie Skipper  64 Navy   Vietnam D Served as an avionics mechanic and aircrewmen
David Thomas  64 Marines     1 2 years
George Webster  64 Army 1967-1969 Vietnam 1 E4 587 Signal company
Paul Dwight Woodard  64 Army     D E5
Stephen Bumbalough  65 Army 1967-1969 Vietnam 1 SGT E5, 278th attached to 4th Infantry Div.
Michael (Mickey) Collier  65 Marines     D  
James Escue, Jr.  65 Navy   Vietnam D USS Hancock
Robert Ferguson  65 army     1  
Leslie Fuller  65 Air Force 1966-1970 Vietnam 1  
James Michael Fuqua  65 Navy 1967   1  
Jerry Donald Gillespie  65 Army 1966-1968 Vietnam 1  
Kenneth DeWayne Green  65 Army 1966-1968 Korean D  
Charles Hamilton  65 Marines 1966-1970 Vietnam D  
Paul Hinkle    65 Navy   Vietnam D Received 2 purple hearts/Medical Corpsman
Kenneth Hinkle, Jr.  65 Army 1969-1971   1  
Bobby Honea  65 Navy 1967-1971   1 On USS Chicago CG 11. Boatswain mate
Robert Andrews Hughes, Jr.  65 Army   Vietnam 1  
Richard Johnson  65 Army 1970-1971 Vietnam 1 Served in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Flew a helicopter. Retired as a colonel O-6
John Hubert Jones  65 Marines 1965-1967 Vietnam D KIA on August 16 1967/Awarded the Silver Star. Sgt Co. "C", 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines Division. The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Sergeant John H. Jones (MCSN: 2152507), United States Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving with Company C, Battalion Landing Team 1/3, Ninth Marine Amphibious Brigade, during Operation COCHISE, in Quang Tin Province, Republic of Vietnam, on 16 August 1967. Sergeant Jones' squad was advancing across open rice paddies toward a tree line designated as a platoon intermediate objective. When the tree line was thirty meters distant, the six-man squad was enveloped in a withering volley of small-arms and automatic weapons fire, inflicting immediate casualties on three of his men. Finding that his radio was smashed by the enemy fire, Sergeant Jones sent two men back to bring aid and relay his situation while he remained to offer covering fire. After marking one machine-gun bunker with smoke, in the face of certain death and with complete disregard for his own safety, Sergeant Jones unhesitatingly crawled forward to give aid and assistance to one of his wounded comrades, and was mortally wounded. As a result of his actions, a relief force was able to recover all of the wounded Marines and destroy the machine-gun position he had previously marked. Sergeant Jones gallantly sacrificed his own life in an attempt to safe the lives of his men while continuing to carry out his mission. Sergeant Jones' actions reflected great credit upon himself and the Marine Corps, and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Action Date: 16-Aug-67
Joe Keef  65 Army 1968-1970   1 Sgt.,Squad Leader. Airborne - Ranger Infantry-DMZ Korea
Ernie Knight  65 Navy     1 Submarines
Buddy Lawhorn  65 Marines 1966-1972   1 USMC Reserve
Gary Leigh  65 Army National Guard 1969-1975   1 Sp5.
Richard Mayfield  65 Army 1970-1972 Vietnam 1 Sp5, Awards and Decorations Clerk with 7/1 Cavalry. Vietnam 1970-1971. MEDALS: Vietnam. National Defense, Good Conduct, Army Commendation, M16, M60, 45 Caliber Expert, Vietnam Campaign, Vietnam Service, Bronze Star Medals
Kenneth "Biff" Merrill  65 Army Reserves     D  
Michael "Buster" Merrill  65 Marines 1966-1967 Vietnam 1 Combat Engineer, "Tunnel Rat: He received the Vietnam and earned the Vietnamese Service Medal and the Vietnamese Campaign Medal
Ronnie Phillips  65 Army     D Served 4 years
Tommy Pirtle  65 Army   Vietnam D  
Jerry Ragan  65 Navy 1965-1978   1 Enlisted rank of Electronics Technician Second Class (E5) before receiving an Officer's Commission in 1969. I left active duty in 1972 as a Lieutenant, and left the Navy in 1978.
Michael Rainey  65 Navy 1965-1968   D  
Dale Stephens  65 Navy     D Navy Seals
Donald Wheeler  65 Army   Vietnam D  
James Wilson  65 Army 1965-1970 Vietnam D  
Randall   Bobbitt  66 Army     D Served 3 years
Robert Bruce  66 Army 16969-1983 Vietnam D Vietnam 1970-1973, Company C, 1st Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces
James Costello  66 Army 1968-1971 Vietnam 1  
William (Buddy) Curran  66 Air Force Air National Guard 1967-1992   D Tennessee Air Guard 118th Combat Support Retired With 25 Years of Service
Richard K. Delk  66 Army 1966-1968 Vietnam 1  
Jimmy Duncan  66 Navy Reserve 1968-1988   1 Retired as a Chief Petty Officer
Harold Finchum  66 Army 1971-1973 Vietnam D SP4
William C. Fisher  66 Army Air Force Air Guard 1966-2007   1 Army 1966-1968 Okinawa/Air Force 1979-2007/Air Guard 28 years
Jerry Ford    66 Air Force     D  
Michael Greenfield  66 Navy     1  
Larry Eugene Gregory  66 Army 1968-1971   1  
David Griffin  66 Air Force 1969-1974   1  
Joe R. Hampton  66 Army 1968-1971 Vietnam 1 Vietnam June 1969-June 1970
Budro Harrington  66 Navy 1968-1970 Vietnam 1 USS Wasp
Gary Hudgens  66 Army 1966-1967   1 E-5,  561 Military Police - Washington D.C.
Rick Judkins  66 Air Force   Vietnam 1  
Victor  Lucas  66 Marines   Vietnam D Lt. Corporal
Donald Manley  66 Army 1968-1970   1  
David Meador  66 Navy 1966-1970 Vietnam 1 Was onboard USS Chipola 1966-1967 and River Assault Squadron 13 in Mekong Delta Viet Nam 1967-1970
Larry Prince  66 Navy 1966-1969   1  
Jim Richards  66 Army 1966-1987 Vietnam 1 Vietnam 1967-1968
Lester Self  66 Navy 1968-1972 Vietnam 1 Vietnam 2 Tours, US 7th Fleet Tonkin/USS Hancock CVA-19 Aircraft Carrier
Danny Sherrod  66 Army 1966-1968   1 Germany
Clyde Sloan  66 Army     D  
Billy Smith  66 Army 1966-1969 Vietnam 1 served in Viet Nam 1967-68 during the Tet Offensive. Specialist E-5
Billy Stroud  66 Army     D  
Jerry Sullivan  66 Air Force 1966-1970 Vietnam 1  
Cliff Tayse  66 Marines 1967-1969   D Retired from Air Force in 1999
Robert M.  Wright  66 Air Force 1967-1971 Vietnam 1 Vietnam 1969-1970, Sgt.
John Kineth Baker  67 Army     D  
Dennis Brady  67 Marines 1967-1969 Vietnam 1 Corporal, Infantry, Ribbons-National Defense, Vietnamese campaign, Vietnamese Service, Vietnamese Gallantry Award, Combat Action, 2 Navy Unit Citations
Edward Brown  67 Army 1967-1970 Vietnam D  
William Caruthers  67 Army     D  
David Clark  67 Army     D  
Anthony James DePasquo  67 Air Force 1967-1972 Vietnam  D Sgt., Air Force for five years and was planning a military career. He served two tours in Vietnam. In 1969, he was named "Airman of the Month" at his base in Phang Hang, South Vietnam, and was presented ' the Vietnamese Cross. ,
Charles Gregory  67 Navy 1969-1973 Vietnam 1 Hospital Corpsman, Petty Officer 3rd class
Terry W. Heald  67 Army 1968-1970 Vietnam 1 101st Airborne Division
Jerry Holcomb  67 Air National Guard 1968-2004   1 Master sergeant
Robert Huff  67 Army 1969-1971   D Peacetime-Germany
Ronnie Huff  67 Army 1967-1970 Vietnam D Tank Battalion
John Leonard Humphrey  67 Army 1969-1971   D  
Clyde Hurt  67 Army 1967-1970 Vietnam D Sgt E5, Vietnam Service Medal, 1 Silver Star Medal Republic of Vietnam, Campaign Medal, Meritarius Unit commendation, Sharpshooter RM14M16 National Defense Medal
Virgil Paul Johnson  67 Army   Vietnam 1  
Ted Judkins  67 Marine   Vietnam D He came down with a serious disease (meningitis meningococcal ) while there and nearly died
Kenny Kellogg  67 Navy 1967-1971 Vietnam 1 VRC50 Squadron, Rank E-4
Donald Kenton  67 Air Force 1970-1974   1 Bomb Loader/U-TAPAO Thailand B-52 base
Wayne King    67 Marine     D  
Robert (Rick) Lott  67 Army National Guard 1971-1977   1 E-6
Glenn Manley  67 Air Force 1969-1973   1 4756th Medical Corp Air Defense Command
Larry Moore  67 Marines 1967-1969 Vietnam D  
John Walden Morris  67 Army     D  
Patricia (Neal) Orlando  67 Navy 1967-1970   1 Radioman, E-5, stationed at Norfolk, VA during Vietnam era
Drake Pasayan  67 Army 1969-1971 Vietnam 1  
Tom Pursell  67 Army     1  
Robert Ramsey  67 Navy   Vietnam 1 After graduation, I was drafted and ended up in Naval Special Forces. I arrived in Vietnam at the wrong time, during the TET Offense and although wounded, I was one of the lucky ones. I recovered in Subic Bay, PI and spent the remaining of my tour onboard an Aircraft Carrier. Purple Heart Recipient
Joe Sanders  67 Army 1969-1971 Vietnam 1 E-5 Sgt. Combat Engineer
Richard Sircy  67 Army 1968-1989 Vietnam 1 1st Infantry Division, Served 21 years.
Robert Spelta  67 Air Force 1967-1973   1 Sgt., Cryptologist/155th Tactical fighter squadron/5 tours in South East Asia
Roy Mendall Taylor  67 Air Force     D Served 4 years as an Aircraft mechanic, stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War.
Robert (Bob) Wilson  67 Air Force 1967-1992 Vietnam and Desert Storm 1 Served 2 tours in Vietnam '68 to '70. 1 tour in Thailand 73 - 74, and Desert Storm. Served as Security Police/Security Forces.
John Young  67 Army   Vietnam D  
Dan Arthur Bolton  68 Marines   Vietnam D KIA, PFC
Vincent Eddie Campbell  68 Air Force     D  
Hayes Douglas Hargis  68 Air Force     D  
Michael Harvill  68 Air Force 1968-1972   1 Stationed : Travis Air Force Base, Fairfield, California
Tommy Hewitt  68 Army   Vietnam 1  
Billy (BJ) Kennamore  68 Marines 1968-1972 Vietnam 1 Sargeant. Vietnam 1971-1972
Edwin Dale Overstreet  68 Navy     D He graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1972 as a newly commissioned U.S. Navy officer. Within a week, he was traveling to join the crew of the USS McCaffrey (DD-860) off the coast of Vietnam. He was later stationed aboard the USS Leahy (DLG-16). Although he had a break in service, he rejoined the U.S. Navy in 1984, rising to the rank of Captain (O-6) and retiring from service in 1998. During his service, he was awarded numerous awards and accolades, including two Navy Commendation Medals, five Meritorious Service Medals and the Legion of Merit
David Pennington  68 Navy 1969-1973 Vietnam 1 E5, CTA2
James Pomeroy  68 Army   Vietnam D He received the National Defense Service Medal, an Army Commendation Medal, a Vietnam Service Medal, and a Vietnam Campaign Medal.
Greg Segroves  68 Air Force 1968-1972   1 SSgt. E-5,Tenn Air Guard 1977-1982/Army Reserve MP 1982/Army Air Guard 1983, Retired with almost 21 years service
Charles E. Spurlock  68 Marines 1969-1989 Vietnam 1 Master sergeant
James Taylor  68 Air Force and Tennessee Air National Guard 1973-1977   1977-1982 Vietnam 1 Captain, 65th Aggressor Squadron, Nellis AFB. Received Meritorious Service Medal
Tom Thornton  68 Army 1968-1974   1 Also TN Air National Guard. All my service was stateside in Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee as a military pay specialist
Jerry Kenneth Walls  68 Air National Guard 1982-2008   1 Retired after 25 years of service at rank of Senior Master sergeant.
Jim Wheeler  68 Army 1968-1993 Vietnam 1 Vietnam 1968-1969, Retired from Army in 1993
Ron Williams  68 Navy 1968-1975   1 Special Intelligence
James Earl Wright  68 Air Force/Air Force Reserve     D  
Mike Agee  69 National Guard 1972-2006   1 Attended Tennessee Technological University, Commissioned as  Second Lieutenant, 1973.  Officer Basic Course at Fort Lee, Virginia. Joined the Tennessee Army National Guard in 1974.  Held various positions in Company, Battalion, Brigade and State headquarters, ending as Director of Information Management at State Headquarters. Retired after 34 years, as LTC in 2006
Vernon Michael Bear   69 Air Force     1  
Bruce Cole  69 Navy 1980-2000   1 Retired as a Chief Fire control man. Electronic Technician at Naval Surface Warfare Center Port Hueneme Division. Served on a total of 4 ships, a Destroyer, 2 Cruisers, and a Frigate. Highest awarded medals were five Navy Achievement Awards
James Green  69 Army Army Reserve 1969-1975   D  
Gary Michael Morgan 69 Navy     D  
Ken Ross  69 Marines 1969-1972   1  
Ellen (Reece) Walker  69 Air National Guard 1980-1987   1 E4, Air Evacuation unit. Title Air Medic.
Alfonzo Ward   69 Navy     D Vietnam. Air Craft Carrier USS America
Kenneth Watson  69 Navy 1969-1973 Vietnam 1 Petty Officer 2nd Class, E5. Served on USS Donald B. Beary DE 1085.
Danny Ray Yates  69 Air Force 1971-1975   1 Staff Sergeant E5. Served 2 1/2 years in Okinawa, Korea, and Taiwan during the Vietnam War

Weapons and Munitions Specialist. Loaded and armed all weapons and munitions carried on fighter aircraft (mainly F4 Phantom)

Honorably Discharged as Staff Sergeant

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